Texas County deputies were called to investigate several calls in the last week. 

The following are matters dealt with last week by the sheriff’s department:

Jan. 7

––A deputy responded at about 10 p.m. to a report of a burglary at a U.S. 63 trailer park. The officer spoke to the tenant at the location, who stated she was moving her property out.

Jan. 8

––A man called to report that on New Year’s Eve a neighbor had fired off a bottle rocket that landed in the yard of his Elder Springs Road residence. An officer contacted the neighbor, who agreed not to shoot off fireworks that might land on the neighboring property.

Jan. 10

––A 62-year-old Cabool man called to report that his ex-wife had tried to poison him in 2010 in order to get life insurance money.

Jan. 12

––An officer reported that on Dec. 13 he had investigated a report of a stolen shotgun.

The officer stated that a 55-year-old Plato man claimed he had loaned a Bennelli Super 90 (valued at $600) to a 31-year-old man who would not return it. The gun owner stated that the man he loaned the weapon to claimed it had been stolen, but he believed the man he loaned it to had actually stolen it.

Texas County Jail admissions

Jan. 7

Patsy A. Moore – Four-day commitment

Angela D. Wofford – writ

Teasha R. Clark – stealing under $500

Charles R. Mayes – DWI, driving while suspended

Jacob P. Butherus – felony stealing

Roberta A. Doughten – Cape Girardeau County hold

Jan. 8

Christol N. Spencer – unlawful use of drug paraphernalia

Jeffery A. Brooks – driving while revoked

Gary R. Riley – 3-day commitment

Cindy L. Young – 30-day commitment

Michael K. Jackson – Dent County hold

Larry D. Evans – burglary

Wade L. Spencer – DWI

Martha E. Newton-Lewis – possession of controlled substance

Charles L. Wright – DWI

Adrian O. Davis – driving without a valid license

Jan. 9

Roy L. Click – dangerous drugs

Randall L. Lane – 24-hour commitment

Danielle R. Winterland – writ

Michael V. Balmer – DWI, driving while revoked, no insurance

Jan. 10

Arthur L. Huffman Jr. – distribution of marijuana

Levin Ladd – writ

Jan. 11

Josh J. Shannon – driving while revoked

Lori L. Cox – no insurance

Steven A. Barton – parole

Devin D. James – 48-hour commitment

Irene S. Williams – passing bad checks

Jan. 12

Robert E. Lunsford – 72-hour commitment

Jan. 13

Tamatha L. Beasley – DWI

Shawn K. Soto – MDC hold

Rick F. Hazen – 24-hour commitment

Kari D. Young – passing bad checks

Simon Doroscan – DWI

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