Filings opened Tuesday, Dec. 11, for elections in April 2013. The deadline to file is Tuesday, Jan. 15.

Filings close today for seats on various boards.

As the day started, there were no new filings at Houston City Hall,  for the Houston board of education or county boards.

Curtis Hubbs filed last week for a three-year slot on the Houston school board. Incumbent Sharon Horbyk filed earlier. The other board member whose term expires is Doug Castleman.

Incumbents have refiled for the Houston City Council. They are: Don Tottingham, mayor; Sharon Sillyman, Ward I; Chalky Wells, Ward II; and David Arthur, Ward III.

Seeking two, three-year terms at Raymondville School are: Shalena Purcell, Cody Neugebauer, Kathy Boutilier and Aaron Scantlin. Filing for a one-year term is Michael King.

Seeking two, three-year terms at Plato Schools are Dewayne Baker and Darrell Thomas.

At Success, Jason Burch and Nancy Davis have filed for one-year terms.

Russell Gaither of Houston has filed for a five-year term on the Texas County Memorial Hospital board. The incumbent is Mark Forbes of Houston.

Caiti Burks of Licking has filed for a position on the Texas County Health Department board. Filing earlier were C.J. Smith, Kirby Holmes and Marie Lasater. The other incumbent is Ron Stone of Licking.

The deadline to file is today (Jan. 15).

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