Dr. Shaun Flaim

Schaun Flaim, DO, internal medicine physician at the Texas County Memorial Hospital Medical Complex in Houston, has signed a contract extension with TCMH.

“I appreciate the opportunity to work with the administration and staff at TCMH,” Flaim said, “and I’m looking forward to continuing to grow my practice here.”

Flaim joined TCMH in 2010, becoming the first internal medicine physician TCMH had been able to recruit in several years. His initial contract with the local hospital was a three-year contract. The new contract will automatically renew annually.

“By being a part of the healthcare team at TCMH, I am able to make a difference in our community and provide services that patients would otherwise have to travel an hour or more to receive,” Flaim said.

He said the rural area appeals to him “due to the diverse disease processes I get to treat.”

Flaim is no stranger to small towns, having grown up in a small town in Wyoming. He and his wife, Gretchen, also an internal medicine physician at TCMH, have become active in the local community.

“I enjoy investing time into Cornerstone Christian Church, where I help lead and organize worship,” Flaim said.

In addition to renewing his contract with TCMH, Flaim is also assuming the role as chief of the TCMH medical staff when new staff appointments are made this month. Flaim served as the vice chief of staff in 2012 and in the first three months of 2013.

“TCMH is very fortunate to be able to retain a physician of Dr. Flaim’s caliber,” said Wes Murray, chief executive officer at TCMH.

Murray explained that community support of local physician practices helps those physicians grow the type of practices that help the hospital retain the physician years down the road.

“We greatly appreciate the community’s support of Dr. Flaim’s practice and the practice of each of our internal medicine physicians,” Murray said.

Gretchen Price, DO and Jonathan Beers, DO also treat adult, internal medicine patients at TCMH.

“Our patient demographics indicate that we need physicians that care for adult patients with complex and chronic health conditions,” Murray said. “Dr. Flaim has helped us lead the internal medicine care we are able to provide to patients at TCMH in the clinic and in the hospital.”

Flaim said he is eagerly anticipating the opening of the new construction at TCMH.

“The new construction at TCMH is going to provide my patients with the comforts they deserve when they are admitted to the hospital,” Flaim said, explaining that things like private patient rooms, the new telemetry system and the pharmaceutical dispensing unit will help provide better care.

“I am looking forward to opening the doors to our new construction and continuing to improve our infrastructure at TCMH to include our surgery, ICU and OB departments,” Flaim said.

Flaim hopes that the contract renewal with TCMH will allay fears that he may seek practice opportunities elsewhere.

“We are committed to working and living in this community,” Flaim said. “This is our home.”

The Flaims reside in Houston and have two boys, Caleb and Eli. In addition to their involvement in church, Flaim also has long-term personal goals of supporting the local economy with a small business in Houston.

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