Authorities used video from a business to investigate the theft of a license plate swiped from a parking lot. 

The Texas County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the theft of $13,650 in guns from a Summersville burglary.

An officer reported April 10 that on April 2 an 81-year-old Summersville man came to the TCSD office and stated that 16 rifles  had been stolen from his Highway W residence.

The man provided an investigating officer with photographs and serial numbers of each gun, and the information was shared with local pawn shops. The man identified a 55-year-old Hartshorn man as a suspect.

An officer who interviewed the suspect and determined that he had been given one gun and borrowed another from the victim, but the officer stated he was unable to place the alleged suspect at the scene of the crime.

Investigation of the matter continues.

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