During an investigation of a convicted felon suspected of pawning guns early this year, federal, state and Texas County law enforcement agencies discovered a marijuana growing operation this week at Raymondville.

After the Texas County Sheriff’s Department received information in early January alleging that a convicted felon had pawned two firearms in Houston, the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms was contacted for assistance. On Wednesday, officers involved in the investigation representing the ATF, Missouri State Highway Patrol, South Central Drug Task Force and TCSD followed a path of information that led to a location on Possum Trot Road where a sophisticated hydroponic indoor growing operation was found.

Texas County Sheriff James Sigman said 25 plants were seized, along with several items used in the cultivation of the pot.

“This has been quite a continuing story,” Sigman said. “It has led us to a lot of places.”

No names have been released in the marijuana bust, as formal charges have not yet been filed.

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