A portion of a culvert bridge in Upton Township washed away earlier this week.

Heavy rainfall that swept through Texas County Wednesday night caused Roubidoux Creek to swell and flow over the top of the bridge on Roubidoux Road that was built last summer.

The resulting damage included about five-feet of the downstream side of the rock-and-tinhorn crossing being swept away, along with a significant portion of the creek’s bank.

Outgoing Upton Township President Will Brown, who was not re-elected earlier this month, said the situation was unfortunate, but perhaps inevitable.

“About a third of the structure was washed away,” Brown said, “and not only that, at least 100-feet of the bank and road has been damaged that will require a lot of work to be repaired. But there was no way that 18-inch culverts were going to handle the water that comes through there.

“It’s an absolute mess,” he said.

The damaged bridge was approved by two members of the Upton Township board. The pair hired Upton Township resident Clarence “Rocky” Dailing to remove an earlier $22,000 bridge only three months after it was constructed after concerns about a weight limit.

Brown said that as bad as the damage was, it could easily have been worse.

“This was only a two-inch rain,” he said. “I was telling the incoming President Ernie Mesa that we’ve had a lot of rain this year so everything is soft. When we get more bigger rains like this, the damage will be worse.

“If we get four inches instead of two, the whole thing is gone.”

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