Two persons were charged Saturday, May 14, with drug-related offenses.

A Licking teenager was issued seven citations by the Houston Police Department following a March 26 incident at Dewey and Frederick streets in Houston.

Officers were dispatched at about 2:40 p.m. regarding a report of a belligerent person causing a peace disturbance. Upon arrival, the officers observed a young man cursing at another man and swinging at him with a closed fist.

The teen was advised to cease, but refused and then resisted while being handcuffed by officers, according to a report.

After an investigation, including interviews with several witnesses, Blythe W. Brotherton, 18, of 10147 Buck Hollow Lane at Licking, was issued citations for the following offenses: third-degree assault (two counts), second-degree property damage, resisting arrest, peace disturbance, failure to obey a law officer and first-degree trespassing.

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