Melanie Evans and Chris Weaver were named the 2013 nurses of the year at TCMH. Modena Jones, right, was named the CNA of the year. 

In a special recognition event for the nurses and certified nurse assistants at Texas County Memorial Hospital, two nurses and one CNA were chosen for special honors last week.

Melanie Evans and Chris Weaver, both of Houston, were named the 2013 TCMH nurses of the year. Modena Jones, of Mountain Grove, was chosen 2013 CNA of the year.

Evans, a registered nurse for TCMH Hospice of Care, has been employed six years at TCMH.

“Melanie is an excellent nurse with strong leadership skills,” said Courtney Owens, Hospice of Care supervisor.

Owens explained that Evans is a “good mentor” to other nurses, and she is able to help out as a nurse in other hospital departments when needed.

“I can count on Melanie to get things done accurately and in a timely manner,” Owens said.

Weaver is a registered nurse working in the emergency department. He has been employed 15 years at TCMH.

“Excellent nursing skills and knowledge enable Chris to lead and to collaborate with the physicians and the staffs of the emergency department and emergency medical services,” said Jerri Sue Crump, ER nurse manager.

Weaver serves as an instructor for required classes for nursing and ancillary personnel at TCMH. He also serves as a mentor to new nursing personnel in the nursing department.

“Chris is a key part of the success of the TCMH emergency department,” Crump said.

Modena Jones is a CNA working in the medical surgical department since 2005.

“Modena treats all patients with the best care she can give them,” Kristi Atkins, medical surgical department nurse manager and Jones’ supervisor, said.

Atkins explained that Jones serves on some patient care committees at TCMH in addition to her duties as a CNA. Jones is also a preceptor to new staff in the medical surgical department.

“Modena’s patients can rest assured that all of their needs will be met,” Atkins said.

Each award recipient received $250 cash, a plaque, fresh flowers and a $25 gift certificate to Scrubs and Beyond.

Several employees from nursing departments throughout TCMH were nominees for the annual nursing awards. TCMH nurses were nominated by hospital managers, physicians and fellow staff members for the annual awards. TCMH recognized each nominee with a small gift.

Breakfast or lunch was served to all members of the TCMH nursing staff. Scrubs and Beyond of West Plains came to TCMH to allow nurses and other employees to shop for uniforms during the day.

Nurses and CNA week are celebrated annually at TCMH. Due to the current construction and planned move into the newly constructed departments, TCMH decided to combine both celebratory weeks into one.

TCMH employs 113 nurses and 18 CNAs. The nurses and their assistants work in many departments of the hospital: medical surgical, obstetrics, emergency room, surgery, intensive care, home health, hospice and clinics.

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