Area residents are invited to complete a short survey on Houston.

Houston residents responding to a survey to help chart the community’s future say jobs, college classes, more retailing and assisted living should be a priority, according to a tally.

Of those completing the questionnaire for a long-range plan, results showed:

––Overwhelmingly new jobs should be top priority by a wide margin.

––College classes and vocational training should be pursued.

––Retail expansion and more shopping choices, along with assisted living options, also ranked high.

––A new high school/gymnasium, a new swimming pool/water park and community center also received support.

The survey was available at a public meeting, Houston City Hall and in the newspaper.

The results will be used in the development of plan that leaders will use to guide them.

Of those responding, two-thirds gave strong support to a small sales tax to fund priorities.

The deadline to complete a survey is Thursday, May 9.

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