Ozark Independent Living recently presented a 5,000 donation to the Care for Your Future capital campaign. Pictured are, from left: Conway Hawn, Linda Pamperien, Dr. IC Keeney and Jay Gentry, healthcare foundation steering committee members; Cindy Moore, executive director of OIL; Jamie Grider, consumer directed services manager at OIL; Anniece Moss, outgoing consumer directed services manager at OIL; and Omanez Fockler, hospital foundation steering committee member. 

Ozark Independent Living recently donated $25,000 to Texas County Memorial Hospital’s “Care for Your Future” Capital Campaign.

Serving Howell, Oregon, Ozark, Shannon, Wright, Douglas and Texas counties, the Ozark Independent Living (OIL) offices are in West Plains. The organization is a non-profit, non-residential facility that serves area residents with disabilities.

“We are always looking for ways to make our community more accessible and user friendly for our disabled residents,” said Cindy Moore, executive director of OIL.

Care for Your Future is a $3.2 million capital campaign project to build a new surgery department and a tornado safe room at TCMH — about 10,000 square feet of new patient care areas.

OIL provided funds to specifically address accessibility issues surrounding the tornado safe room and the parking lot and sidewalks to and from the building.

“Our board looked at the plan for the building and costs for making it more accessible were presented,” Moore explained.

Some of the members of the board of OIL have disabilities.

“Anyone that’s ever had to get around in a wheelchair knows the difficulties that can be encountered,” Moore said. “This project is great way to provide better accessibility for disabled residents to a tornado safe room in Texas County.”

TCMH and the foundation also plan to utilize the tornado safe room as public meeting and community space when there is not a threat of inclement weather.

“Not every small town in our service area has a hospital,” Moore said, explaining that healthcare is a vital component to the quality of life of disabled residents.

“We are proud to have Ozark Independent Living participating in our vision for the future of healthcare in Texas County,” said Jay Gentry, foundation director.

Gentry expressed that he and foundation board members were “very happy” to partner with another non-profit service organization in the area to improve healthcare services and accessibility to those services.

“We need donations like these to achieve our goals as a hospital and as a local community healthcare provider,” Gentry said.

OIL is funded by a grant from the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation of Missouri. It provides the services of information and referral; peer support; skills training and advocacy for disabled individuals within their service area. OIL has worked with TCMH in the past to increase accessibility in TCMH facilities.

Additional information about the services of Ozark Independent Living is available at 888-440-7500 or www.ozarkcil.com.

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