Proof on car insurance on a smartphone

Missouri drivers will soon be able to use their smartphones and other mobile devices to show proof of insurance, instead of keeping paper copies in their vehicles.

Gov. Jay Nixon signed legislation last week expanding the state’s proof of insurance standards effective Aug. 28.

“Each day, more and more Missourians are using their smart phones and tablets to pay bills, get directions and access the information they need, wherever and whenever they need it,” Nixon said in a statement. “With these advancements in technology, forcing Missourians to go through the hassle of printing and keeping hard copies of their insurance cards is unnecessary and burdensome. This common sense legislation will make life a little easier for motorists by eliminating this outdated requirement and allowing proof of insurance to be shown on a mobile device.”

Drivers who want to continue using hard copies can do so.

The legislation also allows insurance companies to deliver policies to their consumers electronically. Nixon said that also will benefit consumers because electronic documents can be easily saved and accessed at any time.

The bill received unanimous support in the state Legislature earlier this year.

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