Mike and Jessica Wehling stand in front of their bail bonds office on 803 Sam Houston Boulevard.

Two years ago, Mike and Jessica Wehling were living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. When they were both laid off shortly before Christmas, they moved to Houston to visit family and search for further employment. While in Houston, Mike found a job while Jessica found the opportunity to start her own bail bonds office.

It was a tight situation for a time, operating out of the Wehlings’ home and pinching pennies to make ends meet.

Jessica’s business grew and moved its operations to a small office, employing Mike to help out. Together, they operate Wehling Bail Bonds.

The secret to their success, they explained, was “Our understanding of peoples’ situations and our willingness to work with you.”

The Wehlings can bond the entire state of Missouri. They offer prearrangements of bond to shorten jail times.

When asked to describe their business in a word, they replied, “Empathetic.” 

Mike and Jessica have been in the bail bonds business for over a year. You can find them at 802 S. Sam Houston Boulevard in Houston.

Learn more about Wehling Bail Bonds and other local businesses at www.houstonherald.com/marketplace

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