Deputies with Texas County Sheriff's Department handled several investigations during the last week. 

The following reports were generated last week by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department.

•A 31-year-old West Plains woman came to the TCSD office on July 1 and alleged that her 30-year-old ex-husband, of Cabool, had used methamphetamine in front of her children. The woman stated that her kids told her the man had cut a hole in a light bulb with a knife and then cleaned it out with salt and water.

She also said that neither of the children had seen their father put anything but salt or water in the glass instrument. No contact was made with the man, but investigation of the matter continues.

•A representative of the Howell County Sheriff’s Department called at 1:15 p.m. July 7 and stated a male individual had been seen lying in the middle of the parking lot at the Barn Hollow river access on the Jacks Fork River between Highways 137 and Y. An investigating officer was unable to locate the person.

•A Raymondville man reported at 10:10 p.m. July 7 that a red car with no muffler had driven at high speed past his Highway 137 residence. An investigating officer was unable to locate vehicle.

•A 49-year-old Cabool man called at 8:48 a.m. July 5 to complain that an 89-year-old neighbor woman’s cattle were on his Highway AV property again. An investigating officer determined that the cattle were back on the woman’s Beeler Road property.

The man stated he was tired of the cows damaging his hayfield, but that he didn’t wish to pursue charges.

•A 56-year-old Licking man came to the TCSD office on July 5 and reported that a dog belonging to a 77-year-old neighbor woman had gotten loose and had attacked chickens at his Concord Road residence. The man and his wife each stated that the woman’s dog has killed chickens in the past.

An investigating officer determined that the woman had previously received verbal warnings that she would be cited for animal abuse if she didn’t maintain adequate control of the dog. The officer was unable to make contact with her at her residence, but left her information indicating she would be receiving a mailed citation.

•A deputy was dispatched July 5 at 12:50 a.m. regarding a report of two people sitting in a pickup truck behind a fireworks tent on U.S. 63. The officer determined that the two people were a father and son who had pulled over to talk.

•A man called on July 4 to request that deputies go to his brother’s Gardner Road property at Cabool and remove marijuana plants that he alleged his brother was growing. An officer informed the man that a deputy had already been to the location and found no pot plants.

Texas County Jail admissions

July 1

Kayla S. Cork – Second-degree murder; endangering the welfare of a child

Darren L. Johnson – DWI

Charles J. Smith – 12-hour commitment

Stephen G. Podest – 72-hour commitment

Michelle C. Marr – stealing leased or rented property

July 3

Steven L. Wallace – 24-hour commitment

Charles J. Smith – 12-hour commitment

Kristin G. Norris – 12-hour commitment

July 4

Mary A. Kile – stealing motor vehicle

July 5

Monty D. Hayes – DWI

July 7

Stephen G. Podest – 24-hour commitment

Charles J. Smith – 24-hour commitment

July 8

Rhonda L. Nicholson – 24-hour commitment

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