An upswing in enrollment is reported at most county school districts.

The 2013-2014 school year began Thursday in six of Texas County’s seven school districts, and enrollment was up in all but one of those.

Houston schools reported a total of 1,067 students in attendance on day one, an increase of 50 over last year’s opening day. The total included 392 high school students (compared to 364 last year), 221 in middle school (down from 226), and 454 in elementary school (up from 431).  

Licking schools officials reported 898 total students in grades kindergarten through 12 on Thursday, down from 917 on day one last August, while Cabool came in at 761, up from 742 last year.

In the northwest part of the county, Plato reported a total of 632 students, an increase of 31 over last year’s first day.

Raymondville reported 158 total students (up from 149 to begin 2012), while Success checked in with 107, way up from last year’s count of 92 on opening day.

Summersville’s first day of school is Wednesday of next week.

Districts and their superintendents keep close track of enrollment totals because it directly affects state funding and other budget-related issues.

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