The Texas County Office of Emergency Management has actively monitoring local weather conditions over the past week.  

“We have been on several conference calls discussing the weather and the flood damage with other jurisdiction and the State Emergency Management Agency in the past week,” said Texas County Emergency Management Director Bennie Cook. “If you come to a flooded road, please do not try to drive or walk across it. Please turn around and find and alternate route.”

Cook said that there are currently 22 county roads that are either closed or severely damage. The township boards and local emergency services provided the following list of roads to avoid:

Boone Township – Texas Tower, Paddy Creek and Hazleton.

Lynch Township – Strawberry, Prescott, Boone Creek, McCoy and Success.

Upton Township – Stallcup, Campbell and Long Valley.

Jackson Township – Timber Hill, Smith Road.

Pierce Township – Bradford Road and Stillhouse Road.

Morris Township – County Line Road, Rock Springs, Logan and Murr.

Roubidoux Township – Long Hollow Road, Prairie Creek Road and Rock Creek Road.

There are currently four businesses and two residences in Texas County with flood damage. To report flood damage to your residence or business, or additional roads that have been damaged by flooding, call the Office of Emergency Management at 417-967-0720 or email at

More information about the Texas County Office of Emergency Management can be found online at, or on Facebook at                                                                      

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