Authorities said a Bucyrus was arrested early Sunday on drug charges.

The following reports were generated last week by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department.

•Deputies were dispatched at about 7:30 p.m. Aug. 22 regarding a report of a missing person submitted by a woman at a Sunrise Drive residence. The woman told an investigating officer that her husband was drunk and had left on foot after an argument.

Several officers searched the area but did not locate the man. It was later determined that he was in town.

•An officer investigated a report at 4:25 p.m. Aug. 22 at of an abused dog at a Highway B residence that allegedly had no food or water and had a collar on that was cutting into its neck. The officer observed that the dog did have food and water and did not appear to have any issues with its collar.

•An officer was dispatched at about 7:25 p.m. Aug. 22 after a woman reported a man walking along Highway 137. The officer was unable to locate him.

•A deputy was contacted by a detective with the Dent County Sheriff’s department on Aug. 29 regarding an Evening Shade man who was believed to have two trailers on his property that were stolen in Dent County. The two officers traveled to the man’s property and were given consent to search. None was found.

•While investigating a case involving a string of burglaries, several officers traveled to an Arthur Road apartment in Houston at about 1 a.m. Aug. 28.

During the investigation, a meth lab and numerous items of drug paraphernalia were found. The items were seized as evidence and later taken by a South Central Drug Task Force officer for proper disposal.

A 28-year-old man living at the apartment had multiple active arrest warrants. He was arrested and a probable cause statement was sent to the county prosecutor seeking drug charges.

•A 64-year-old Licking man reported on Aug. 5 that a flatbed trailer valued at $1,000 had been stolen from a property on Antioch Road.

An investigation led to the arrest of a 28-year-old Licking man, after the man admitted selling the trailer for $250 to a 75-year-old Houston man. The suspect took an investigating officer to the buyer’s Strawberry Road property and showed him the trailer. It was taken to the TCSD and the owner was contacted to come and get it.

A probable cause statement was sent to the county prosecutor seeking charges against the suspect.

•A 30-year-old Houston woman reported on Aug. 25 that her dog was missing and presumed stolen from her Emery Road residence.

The woman told an investigating officer she suspected her former husband (who lives in Howell County in the Willow Springs area) had swiped the Australian Shepherd.

•On Aug. 23, a deputy assisted the Cabool Police Department with a burglary case, and traveled to a Colburn Road residence to look for stolen items.

While there, the officer observed a 50-inch Panasonic TV that was listed as one of the swiped items. A 57-year-old man living there told the officer he had obtained the TV from a 47-year-old man as a debt payment, and had asked the debtor if the unit was stolen because he didn’t want any trouble. The TV was taken as evidence, and the investigation continued.

•The Summersville Police Department on Aug. 26 requested that a deputy check a Highway KK residence at Hartshorn regarding a possible break-in. The investigating officer found no signs of a crime.

•A man called on Aug. 21 to report that a man who is a neighbor of his Mount Olive Road residence was making moonshine. The reporting man also stated he was worried that the neighbor was going to hurt the reporting man’s parents, who live in the Arroll area.

•A man reported at about 9:40 p.m. Aug. 20 that he and his mother had had an argument. An investigating officer determined that neither party wished to pursue charges.

Texas County Jail admissions

Aug. 26

Gary J. Reeves – traffic violation

Stacey M. Taylor – probation and parole warrant

Aug. 27

Troy C. Conley – Wright County hold

Jason M. Brekken – possession of controlled substance, felony stealing

Deeann M. Morris – drug charge, forgery

Timothy S. Vestal – possession of controlled substance, failure to appear

Aug. 28

Jerry W. Collins – assault, non-support

Aug. 29

Jared P. Rebish – writ

Thomas A. Johnson – writ

Aug. 30

Cory D. Sanders – 48-hour shock

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