The Houston High School choir will sing Sunday afternoon on one of the biggest stages in the state.

Under the direction of Beth Williamson, HHS students will perform during the Military Appreciate Day ceremony at the state fair in Sedalia. They will sing the National Anthem and America the Beautiful.

Williamson received the invitation after the choir sang at Intercounty’s grassroots meeting in April. She has been told there will be 2,000-4,000 people in attendance.

“When I received the phone call asking us to perform, I was overwhelmed with excitement and pride,” Williamson said. “What an amazing opportunity and compliment to our vocal music students to be given such an honor. The students are excited to be presenting Houston at such an important event and to have another opportunity to thank our military for their service through music.”

HHS students singing at the event are: Dakota Hugenot, Nikki Coleman, Natasha Smith, Mariah Clifton, Maya Brown, Rae Kirkwood, Hailey Dodson, Kaylea Preheim, Elisa Williamson, Jennifer Thomas, Marley Stoops, Nikki Pinkston, Sarah Kelley, Courtney Mutzebaugh, Caroline Dunn, Kathy Powell, Kyler Stark, Tayler Ward, Trevor Motzkus, Zach Gregory, Taylor Bryson, Keegan Spurlin, Caleb Adkison and Skylur Malam.

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