Houston police handled several investigations during the last week.

The following reports were generated last week by the Houston Police Department.

•Angila J. Warner, 33, of 215 Hawthorne St. in Houston, was issued a citation for allowing an animal to run at large after her dog allegedly bit a 32-year-old woman twice as she was walking along Hawthorne Street at about 9:15 p.m. Aug. 14.

The victim showed an investigating officer two bite marks, one on her right calf and another on the back of her neck.

The young dog reportedly had its eight-week vaccinations, but had not yet received a rabies vaccination. Warner was told to quarantine it for 10 days to insure it showed no signs of rabies.

•Thomas E. Gibson, 52, of 902 Bryan St. in Houston, was issued a citation for unlawful disposal of solid waste after allegedly burning a pile of trash in his backyard on Aug. 14. Another person at that address was cited July 25 after a fire destroyed a nearby garage.

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