Houston police were called to a peace disturbance last week in downtown Houston.

The following reports were generated last week by the Houston Police Department.

•A Springfield man was cited for possession of marijuana and peace disturbance after an incident at the Office Bar on Grand Avenue in downtown Houston just after 11 p.m. last Thursday.

According to a report, Lee A. Rebert, 33, of 1930 S. Robberson in Springfield, was cited after allegedly being involved in a fight and having pot in his pocket.

The incident began when the officer was dispatched regarding a fight occurring in the alley behind the bar. Upon arrival, the officer observed Rebert entering the back door to the bar. A bartender then told the officer Rebert had been shouting and trying to fight several people inside.

The officer went inside, but several people said Rebert had just left through the front door. Assistance in finding him was requested, and a Texas County Sheriff’s Department deputy located him running near the post office.

Rebert was apprehended and taken to the justice center, where a search revealed a plastic bag containing pot in one of his pockets, according to a report. Rebert was held for 12 hours at the Texas County Jail and released.

•Troy E Hayes, 27, of 777 Highway 17, Apt. 22, in Houston, was issued a citation on Sept. 29 for driving with expired license plates. 

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