Residence: Solo (both).

Birthday: Steve: Sept. 17; Rhett: June 9.

Occupation: Steve: Owner of Sidestreet Grill on Steffens Street in Houston, barber at Drake’s Downtown Barber Shop on Grand Avenue in Houston. Rhett: Owner of Drake’s Barber Shop, manager at Sidestreet Grill.

Family members: Steve’s wife and Rhett’s mother Patsy, of Solo; Steve’s sons and Rhett’s brothers Chance, of Houston, and Parrish, of Prairie Home.  

Education: Both graduates of Houston High School. Steve: South Dakota Barber College, Sioux Falls, S.D. Rhett: Academy of Hair Design in Springfield.  

Pets: Steve: “There are dogs that are there, but they’re not my pets.” Rhett: two lab-mix dogs – Bullet and Bella.

Favorite food: Steve: Liver and onions. Rhett: steak.

Favorite ice cream flavor: Steve: Butter brickle. Rhett: Rocky road.

Least favorite food: Steve: Brussel sprouts. Rhett: Corned beef and cabbage. “I actually like the corned beef, I just can’t stand the cabbage.”

Best place I’ve ever eaten: Steve: Outback Steak House, Springfield. Rhett: Roxy’s Diner at the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas. “It was made up to like an old ’50s diner. People went around singing and the food was really good and fairly cheap. It was awesome being there.”

Place I’d most like to visit: Steve: Israel. “I’d like to go back there again. It was inspirational and just a wonderful place to go.” Rhett: Deadwood, S.D. “We took a trip there one time and it was really neat. It’s a little town, but they have casinos and sights, and you can go up in the mountains and look down on the town.”

A favorite activity: Steve: Playing poker. Rhett: Working on old cars.  

Favorite kind of music: Both: Country.

Favorite musical artist: Steve: Johnny Cash and Johnny Horton. Rhett: Luke Bryant. “What I like about him is you can buy a CD and listen all the way through it.”

Favorite movie: Steve: “The Robe.” Rhett: “American Graffiti.”

Favorite TV show: Steve: “Alias Smith and Jones.” Rhett: “Dukes of Hazzard.”   

Favorite actor or actress: Steve: James Stewart. Rhett: Drew Barrymore.

Favorite zoo animal: Steve: Zebra. Rhett: Monkey. “They’re fun to watch, the way they jump around and play.”

Favorite sports teams: Steve: St. Louis Cardinals (MLB), Kansas City Royals (MLB). Rhett: St. Louis Cardinals (MLB), Minnesota Vikings (NFL).

All-time favorite athlete: Steve: Track and field star Jesse Owens. “He was a calm character who did a job, and he withstood adversity to win.”  Rhett: Baseball player Babe Ruth.

Favorite plant: Steve: Royal Empress tree. Rhett: Pineapple.

Favorite school subject: Steve: History. Rhett: Geography.

Least favorite school subject: Steve: Physical education. “Because it kept me from graduating in three years. You had to have four years of phys ed back then, and all I lacked was one year of phys ed or I could have graduated early.” Rhett: Math. “It’s a good thing my cell phone has a calculator, because I use it a lot.”

All-time favorite politician: Steve: George Washington. “He was a straight shooter and a conscientious and religious man. Most of our politicians since then haven’t been.”  Rhett: “I don’t think I have one of those.”

A big pet peeve: Steve: People who will lie to you. “I was raised where a man’s word was his bond and a man was as good as his word. There are a whole lot of people who aren’t that way any more.” Rhett: When parents don’t make their kids mind. “Most parents just let their kids go on, but you have to discipline them to make them grow up and mind right. We see that quite a bit; parents let kids get by with anything.”

A big accomplishment: Steve: “Marrying my wife Patsy 44 years ago.” Rhett: Buying the barber shop and managing the Sidestreet Grill.

Regarding the situation in Syria: Steve: “I think we’re better of staying out of it. I don’t think there’s any need in getting into a war unless we go all out and win it.” Rhett: “I think we should be involved to help out Israel. We need to keep Israel in our good graces. The Bible says people who help out Israel will prosper, so I believe we should.”

What Houston needs: Steve: “The thing we need most is factories and jobs. If we had jobs, everything else would come. Of course, the downtown area needs to fill up. When I was young, it was absolutely full.” Rhett: “I’d like to see more businesses downtown. We have a lot of empty old buildings around here and I remember when I was a kid when they were full. It makes me feel good that (dad and I) have two businesses downtown and we can help the downtown organization bring more business to the area.”

Regarding being a business partner with a close relative: Steve: “We do pretty well with it. There are some rough edges, but we get along well. He covers when I can’t and it works out pretty good.” Rhett: “It can get trying at times and it definitely has its ups and downs, but I know if I need to take off and do something, everything will be taken care of. The bottom line is I can trust (my dad) and I know everything will be done right.”

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