The Houston Police Department said copper and tubing from the air conditioning units at three local businesses was stolen on consecutive nights this week.

Chief Jim McNiell said the first theft was Wednesday at Advanced Care Physical Therapy on First Street. The following night, units at Hayes Cafe and Houston Bowl on Highway B were hit.

McNiell said the suspect or suspects appeared to know what they were doing. He said they turned off the power source, then cleanly cut the copper from the units. The rest of the air conditioners were left at the scene.

McNiell said stereo systems from two vehicles in town have recently been removed. He urged the public to lock their doors at all times.

There are no suspects in any of the crimes. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Houston police or the Texas County Sheriff’s Department.

Houston Police Chief Jim McNiell offered the following tips to make it more difficult for thieves to steal copper from AC units:

  • Place padlocks on the disconnects of the unit.
  • Light area near unit as much as possible
  • If affordable, place exterior security cameras that record footage in the area.

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