Grants totaling about ,674 were received by Texas County for election costs.

Texas County recently received $5,674 in grants to increase election efficiency and provide up-to-date equipment and services for voters and poll workers.

The $5,674 is composed of two awards: an Election Efficiency Grant in the amount of $2,802 and a Help America Vote Act Grant totaling $2,872. The grants can be used to purchase certified voting equipment and replacement parts, train poll workers and update voter records, among other opportunities.

“The right to vote is fundamental and must be available to all eligible Missourians,” Secretary of State Jason Kander said. “This grant will help local officials make the voting experience even more convenient and secure in Texas County and in Missouri as a whole.”

 The level of Election Efficiency Grant funding is determined by the number of polling places used in the county in the most recent General Election, while the funding level for the Help America Vote Act Grant is determined by the county’s number of registered voters.

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