Tammy Ramsey

•Residence: Houston (New Mexico native).

•Birthday: Sept. 8.

•Occupation: Assistant manager, The Animal Shelter of Texas County.

•Family members: Husband Bill Ramsey; daughter Kennedy Campbell (12); stepdaughter Jaydin Ramsey (14); stepson Kyler Ramsey (11); mother Kathy Bell (Houston); brothers Joe Bell of Houston and Rob Bell of Springfield.

•Education: Graduate of Licking High School; attended computer medical technology courses at Rolla Technical Institute.  

•Pets: Cat named Jetta.

•Favorite food: Mexican.

•Favorite place to eat: Texas Roadhouse in Springfield.

•Favorite thing to cook: Enchiladas. “I started with the way my mom always made them and as I got older I started adding my own stuff and everyone always likes mine better. Now I make them whenever someone comes over.”

•Favorite coffee: “I’m addicted to iced coffee; it just has to be cold and flavored, like mocha latte.”

•Least favorite food: Mushrooms. “They’re gross. I watched a documentary on how they’re grown in manure and they keep it hot.”

•Two of my favorite activities: Deer and turkey hunting; (rifle and bow); playing sports and watching my kids play sports.

•Number of states I’ve set foot in: 10.

•Favorite state: Colorado. “Because of the mountains. When I was a kid, we used to vacation in Colorado every summer and we’d go for Sunday drives in the fall to see the leaves changing in the Rockies.”

•Favorite place I’ve traveled to: Cancun, Mexico.

•Places I’d most like to visit: Montana and Yellowstone National Park.

•Favorite kind of music: “Anything that has a good beat and isn’t sad. I don’t care if it’s country, rock or pop as long as it has a good beat and isn’t about something like ‘my wife left me’ or ‘my dad died.’ I cry when I hear those, so I don’t like them. I’m very emotional.”

•Favorite TV show: “Criminal Minds.” “My daughter got me hooked on it. I like the mystery in it and there’s always something going on in it. It’s never boring.”        

•Favorite zoo animal: Penguin.

•Favorite brand of clothing: Under Armour.

•Favorite sports teams: New Orleans Saints (NFL),  St. Louis Cardinals (MLB).

•Favorite plant: Petunia. “They’re easy to take care of and they’re pretty and smell good.”

•Favorite tree: Pine.

•Favorite school subject: Biology. “My high school teacher, Doc Hatch, was the best teacher anyone could ever have. He was a crazy one, but he made it fun with a lot of hands-on stuff.”

•Least favorite school subject: History.

•All-time favorite politician: “None. I don’t do politics.”

Someone other than my parents who I admire or was influenced by: “My brothers – for never giving up no matter what life threw at them.”

•A big accomplishment: “Raising my daughter and seeing what kind of person she is today.”

•A surprising fact about me: “I’m a big softy. People think I’m mean and hateful and really tough, but I have the biggest heart and I cry at the drop of a dime. If I know someone is hurt or stressed, I go home and cry about it at night.”

I’m just saying…

Some of the best things about working at the animal shelter: “I like being able to help an animal find a home, and to help people find an animal they want to love. These animals can’t help themselves –they can’t make choices or go get a job – so they need someone.”

•Regarding the government shutdown: “I think it’s crazy and I don’t understand it. I didn’t even know the government had shut down – that’s how bad I am about politics. When I heard what was going on, I was like, ‘what?’ But I can’t fix it and I can’t change it, so I would just as soon not worry about it. I’d rather worry about something else that I can do something about.”

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