A 30-minute television program that highlights Houston is planned for broadcast. The Houston City Council heard about the project Monday.

In a unanimous vote Monday night, the Houston City Council agreed to support the production of a unique, one-of-a-kind television program titled “Downtown Houston After Hours.” It will be a 30-minute show featuring the sounds, sights, tastes and people of Houston.

The program will air 6:30 Sunday mornings at KOZL in Springfield. The show will feature Texas County native and entertainment professional Doug Deforest (Driesel) and Houston businesswoman Laura Crowley. They will co-host what they say will be an entertaining, yet informative show.

Deforest, a longtime record producer/songwriter/performer, admits that he has always had an interest in television production. His first show, “America’s Country Magazine,” ran for two years in the early 1990s. A year ago, he renewed his interest in television by creating “Spring River Scene,” which aired on KOZL, as well as stations in Memphis, Little Rock and Jonesboro. He said he chose Crowley for this, her first television job, because of her outgoing personality and zany style.

“Ain’t nobody like Laura, and that’s what it takes to be successful in this business,” Deforest said.

The program has the support of the City of Houston and the city’s industrial development authority, which is contributing about $4,000.

This production will also mark the return of “The two-minute chef” featuring Deforest’s son, Ian Driesel. This was one of the highpoints of last year’s show, and work is underway to syndicate this fast-paced segment. The production is being directed by Doug Driesel Jr., a Houston native and Los Angeles-based writer/director/comedian, who is also Deforest’s son. Rounding out this production company is Dave Klotz, handling sales and marketing. 

“This is a concept I’ve always dreamed to bring to my hometown, and proud to do so with an all-local cast of characters. It’s a one-of-a-kind show that we hope will continue for years to come. Me and Dave’s grandfather, E.L. Daugherty, loved Texas County, and taught all of us to always hold it close to our heart,” Deforest said.

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