The Herald provided digital access on computers, as well as mobile devices like phones and tablets. 

The Houston Herald is offering a special holiday sale for online subscriptions through Christmas.

When you purchase a digital subscription as a gift, receive $5 off the regular yearly rate (nearly 20 percent). That’s only $25 for a full year of access. In addition to the website, you receive access to the entire Houston Herald archives from 1949 to the present and the weekly e-edition — which is a complete replica of the print edition. Additionally, a daily newsletter also can be sent.

Give local news, sports, photos, obituaries, death notices and more as a gift this Christmas. The website is updated throughout the day with the latest news. It’s also friendly for tablets and mobile devices.

Full access to is a great gift for friends or family members who once lived here but moved away.

Click on the link to buy a digital subscription as a gift. Merry Christmas from the staff of the Houston Herald!

To receive the special Christmas price, click here.

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