Area residents who have something of value to sell but would like a little help recently gained an option.

Raymondville auctioneer Justin Dixon has begun a series of consignment auctions to be conducted on the last Saturday of each month at the American Legion Post 41 hall on U.S. 63 in Houston.

“My dad has been in the auction business for 30 years and I’ve always wanted to try doing a monthly consignment,” Dixon said. “The building came available, and you either jump in and try or you don’t.”

Dixon’s first consignment sale on Oct. 26 attracted plenty of attention, with 18 different consigners, 168 numbers assigned and well over 200 people in attendance. When the last item had been purchased, close to $33,000 in sales had been totaled.

With help from about a half-dozen other people (including ring men, money takers, and others), Dixon’s sales will feature all kinds of items.

“We’re selling everything from coins to tractors to household items,” he said. “And a lot of guns. We just don’t want people’s yard sale stuff.”

The sales are open to all consigners and buyers, and under the right circumstances Dixon and company will even pick up larger items to be sold.

“Anybody who has something to sell, we can sell it,” he said, “as long it as meets our standards. And we’re glad to come get it, if it makes sense.”

Dixon’s sales will even feature many new items – obtained primarily from Walmart – consisting mainly of discontinued merchandise. Consigners’ items will be sold without a minimum price.

“If you bring it, bring it expecting it to sell,” Dixon said.

Dixon and company will also buy items – at the sale site or elsewhere by arrangement – and then “turn” them at auction.

“Give us a call and we’ll come out and appraise what you have and maybe buy it from you,” he said. “Or just bring it on sale day and we’ll look it over and make an offer.”

Future plans for the series include possibly adding caged animals to the mix, and other forms of expansion. Dixon said his consignment auctions will take place regardless of weather.

“We’ve got the building, we’ve got the time, and we’re looking to sell stuff,” he said.

To inquire about consigning, selling or buying, or for other information related to Dixon’s auction series, call him at 417-217-1404.

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