Gov. Jay Nixon announces his new plan for Missouri's Bright Flight Scholarship program Nov. 25 at Lincoln College Preparatory Academy in Kansas City.

Gov. Jay Nixon recently announced plans to enhance Missouri’s Bright Flight scholarship program and encourage more high-achieving students to stay and work in Missouri after graduating from college.

The governor said that with an additional $15 million will be included in his recommended fiscal year 2015 budget. Bright Flight Boost would offer Bright Flight scholars the option of receiving an additional $5,000 per year on the condition that they pursue employment in Missouri after they graduate.

“College affordability has been among my administration’s top priorities, and by strengthening this successful scholarship program, we’ll keep more of our best and brightest here at home so they can contribute their talent to our 21st century economy,” Gov. Nixon said. “For the state, Bright Flight Boost is a smart investment with a big return in the form of a well-educated, highly-qualified workforce. For students, it’s a significant incentive to not only go to college, but also to graduate and then stay to pursue rewarding careers and follow their dreams in the Show-Me State.”

To be eligible for Bright Flight Boost, students must be a Missouri resident and a United States citizen or permanent resident, and have a composite score on the ACT or SAT in the top 3 percent of all Missouri students taking those tests. Bright Flight Boost will offer scholarship recipients the option of an additional $5,000 award each year for four years, if they commit to staying and working full-time in Missouri, after they’ve earned their college degree or credential, for each year that they received this additional award. If the graduate pursues employment outside of Missouri prior to the completion of their commitment, they would have to pay the remaining award back to the state.

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