Houston police handled a pair of investigations, the department said.

The following reports were generated last week by the Houston Police Department.

•Theresa L. Villarreal, 46, of 8164 Morton Road, Lot 20, in Houston, was issued a citation for stealing under $500 after allegedly pumping $25.08 worth of gas at the Murphy Station on South Sam Houston Blvd. on Dec. 19 and then failing to pay for it.

An investigating officer was told by a gas station attendant that Villarreal had attempted to pay for the gas and some cigarettes by check, but her check was declined. The attendant said Villarreal promised to return with payment, but didn’t.

On Dec. 21, Texas County Sheriff’s Department deputies located Villarreal at her trailer home and brought her to the county justice center, where she was cited by police.

•Leonard R. Sullins Jr., 46, of 15471 Burnett Drive at Licking, was issued a citation for stealing under $500 after being allegedly caught attempting to shoplift Dec. 7 at the Houston Walmart Supercenter.

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