Those attending the annual “Taste of Christmas” competition Saturday in Houston were greeted by perfect weather and food in 29 categories.

This year’s event was organized by Sharon Sillyman and Shari McCallister. Cooks entered items in various categories and attendees at each business voted for their favorite.

Here is a list from those reporting winners:

D & L Florist, soups: Norma Cummins, first; Chantil Richards, second; and Jerry Jackson and Robert Enfield, tie for third.

Diane’s Pet Styles, cakes: Judi Watts, first; Sharon Postlewait, second; Trudy Stallcup, third; and Lindsey Pindris, fourth.

Holy Cross Lutheran Church, salsas: David Kettner, first.

Houston Schools, cupcakes: Tara Lynn Akins, first; Stone Jackson, second; and Sonja Headings, third.

Infinite Entertainment, brownies: Sterling Jackson, first; Amanda Starr, second; and Sarah Reese, third.

Janstiques, wings: Dustin Smith, first.

Houston Herald, candy: Lindsey Pindris, first.

Little House Gift Shop and More, dips: Brigette Wilson, first; Sarah Kelley, second; and Jared Lewis, third.

Memories and Dreams, decorated cupcakes: Emily Harris, first.

Mojo Monkey, holiday drinks: Sue Coney, first; Paula Minter, second; and Brandi Olson, third.

New Concepts Hair Salon, cobblers: Kelsi Adey, first; Joni Sillyman, second; and Brittany Stallcup, third.

Paws N Claws, pies: Helen Willis, first; Sandra Lewis, second; and Gilda Reed, third.

Pizza Express, banana/spice bread: Elaine Campbell, first; Sue Simpson, second; and Paula Minter, third.

Russell Cellular, pumpkin rolls: Monica Wildhaber, first.

Serenity Wellness Studio, quiche: Joni Sillyman, first; Betty (no last names listed), second; and Alice, Betty and Ranell (no last names listed), third.

Simply Sweets Ice Cream Treats and More, cinnamon rolls: Kerry York, first; Robert Enfield, second; and Dara Jackson, third.

Sugar and Spice, salads: Autumn Stoops, first; Viki Narancich, second; and Kelsi Adey, third.

Community Bank, cheeseballs: Christie Ceplina, first; Linsey Pindris, second; and Angelika Record, third.

Forbes’ Pharmacy, bar cookies: Katy Thurman, first.

Texas County Library, jerky and summer sausage: Joni Sillyman, first, sausage; Norma Cummins, first, jerky.

Martin’s Resale, cheesecakes: Lindsey Pindris, first; Bonnie Stallcup, second; and Patsy Saxton, third.

Neal’s Sporting Goods, cookies: Lindsey Pindris, first; Katelyn Smith, second; and Angelika Record, third.

Orscheln Farm and Home, jams/jellies: Bonnie Stallcup, first; Lindsey Pindris, second; and Delbert Campbell, third.

Romines Motor Co. Inc., chili: Paula Minter, first; and Jeff Crosby, second and third.

St. Mark’s Catholic Church, fudge: Sue Simpson, first.

The Animal Shelter of Texas County, dog treats: Beverly Harrison, first; Jen Minter, second; and Jennifer Brackett and Melissa Livingston, tie, third.

Texas County Food Pantry, dairy products/pizza: Amanda Rossignol, first; Ariel Barnett, second; and Colton Morgan, third.

Untangled, appetizers: Gilda Reed, first; Brittany Witte, second; and Lindsey Pindris, third.

Houston Visitors Center, muffins: Elaine Campbell, first; Joni Sillyman, second; and Bev Flowers, Karen Kidwell and Ty Rouse, third, tie. 

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