A group that offers services in Wright and Texas counties helped 84 families, representing 400 people in 2013, according to a report.

In 2013, Christos House provided services to 84 families, which represents approximately 400 residents in Texas and Wright counties.

These services include include everything from transportation for orders of protection, appointments, homeless to shelter to food, rent and utilities, family mediation, domestic abuse counseling, parenting/life skills’ classes and referrals for legal and financial assistance and individual/family therapy.

Of the 84 families, Christos House provided direct aid rent and utility grants to 13 families.

Rent, utilities, food, personal needs not covered by Food Stamps, mileage, office supplies and wages for part-time outreach advocate added up to approximately $24,000.

Referrals for assistance not quantified in this report included Texas County Food Pantry, Wright County Crisis Center and Ozark Action, to name a few.

One church also provided $1,758 in assistance for rent and utilities, car repairs, food, gas, also including $270 for phone cards for Christos House clients.

Prevention programs presented in the schools throughout the year by two prevention specialists, and the 140 bed nights provided for six families in crisis are also not quantified in this report.

Forty-two families of the 84 received free private parenting classes with half of those classes including both mother and father or just the father; the rest were single-parent women.  These classes provide parenting support to each family for as long as needed as there are no time restrictions.

Hope Phones with 3,000 minutes were made available to clients in need. 

These services are provided free without remuneration from Missouri Division of Family Services, the courts and the housing authorities from which most of their referrals come.

About 800 children were served at two “Back-to-School Fairs” and around 1,000 festival attendees at the annual “Kid Fest: Coming Together In Love” in August. 

Christos House provides the directorship of this event. Donation statistics for Kid Fest are always published just following the event and are not presented here. 

Christos House’ presence in the eight counties it serves is a big player in the overall emotional, educational and financial health toward the well-being of the rural communities. It is their purpose to network with service organizations always in the hope of breaking the grip of poverty and domestic abuse — in many instances the negative outcome of generational status quo.  Support from organizations is always appreciated. 

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