When classes finally resumed at the Houston R-1 School District following the Christmas break, there was an influx of new students.

The district has enrolled 34 students since reopening Jan. 13 after two weeks for the holiday break and another week off due to inclement weather. Fourteen students did not return for the second semester, leaving Houston with a net gain of 20 students in its three buildings.

“It’s all about growing this school and community,” Superintendent Scott Dill said. “The more kids we have, the better programs we can offer.”

The biggest gain was the elementary building, which lost six students and enrolled 18 new ones. The middle school added seven students while losing one. The high school picked up nine students and lost seven.

Overall enrollment has increased at Houston, which began the school year with 1,067 students –– an increase of 50 from the start of the previous year.

Dill said additional students can have a positive financial impact on the district, but the figure is based on daily attendance, not solely the number of students enrolled.

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