A home on Prescott Road north of Houston was completely destroyed by a fire in the wee hours of Thursday morning.

Houston Rural Fire Chief Don Gaston said three trucks and five volunteer firefighters from his department and another three trucks and five firefighters from the Licking Fire Department responded to the blaze not long after midnight. But by the time the equipment and personnel arrived at the scene, the sizable structure was fully engaged.

The home was owned by Fred and Judy Witte and was located more than a mile off the roadway. Gaston said the blaze started in a fireplace flue and that responders managed to prevent it from spreading beyond the house. A barn and other outbuildings were subsequently saved.

“That was one of the hottest fires I can remember in a long time,” Gaston said. “But it was cold, and we were there a long time. I didn’t get home until after five.” 


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