The City of Houston will begin chlorinating its water supply as early as this week, the Houston City Council heard Tuesday.

The City of Houston plans to begin a temporary chlorination of the water supply to kill off coliform bacteria that has been detected in testing over the last three months.

City Administrator Larry Sutton said the city will install temporary chlorination equipment that could be used up to 90 days. The city also has taken other steps:

•Cleaning a north water tower on Forrest Street.

•Performing the same task at a Cleveland Road tank.

•Establishing special stations that will be used for more accurate testing of the water supply.

“These efforts will hopefully eliminate the problem. Chlorination could result in water discoloration. However, water will still be safe to drink,” said Sutton.

The city’s review comes after discussions last week with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to develop solutions to the clear the problem. While troublesome, officials said the water supply situation doesn’t require extreme measures — such as a “boil water order.”

The Houston City Council also last week authorized hiring a Springfield engineering firm to study options.

Council members authorized hiring Ray West, a Springfield engineer who has worked with the city on numerous projects over the year.

Unlike neighboring communities in the region, Houston has never added chlorination equipment to its water supply operation, Sutton said.

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