Anson Elliott addresses those attending the Missouri Governor's Conference on Agriculture in Kansas City while Gov. Jay Nixon looks on. Elliott, an HHS graduate, was recognized as the top ag educator in the state.

Anson Elliott, a Houston native and head of Missouri State University’s William H. Darr School of Agriculture, was recognized Saturday during the 44th Missouri Governor’s Conference on Agriculture in Kansas City.

Gov. Jay Nixon and Missouri’s Director of Agriculture Richard Fordyce recognized him with Missouri’s Agricultural Educator of the Year award. “The men and women educating the next generation of Missouri agriculture are essential to the continued success of our state and our nation,” said Fordyce. “It is key that we recognize those who serve as a strong voice for the future of Missouri agriculture, especially those whose deep commitment, spanning nearly four decades, reaches throughout our industry.”

A 1972 graduate of the University of Missouri, Elliott focuses on forages and animal performance in his academic research.  He has led Missouri State University’s agriculture programs since 1980, balancing his responsibilities as a member of the teaching faculty and for the school’s off-campus facilities with those of his administrative role.  He also advises undergraduate and graduate students, as well as student organizations, within the Darr School of Agriculture.

Elliott is committed to growing opportunities for Missouri agriculture students as well as producers.  In 2012, he traveled to Russia with the USDA Foreign Agriculture Service and Missouri agriculture leaders in an effort to develop and grow partnerships among educators and employers. He also continues to be involved in partnerships to grow Missouri State University’s research farms and facilities, as well as to strengthen the already outstanding genetics within the university’s livestock.

He is a member of Missouri’s Agricultural Leaders of Tomorrow (ALOT) organization, and was honored with the group’s Missouri Agriculture Leader of the Year award in 2006.

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