A Mountain View man faces multiple charges following an investigation into harassment, resisting arrests and bribery.

A 48-year-old Mountain View man was arrested Dec. 31 after allegedly making threats to several people, including employees at the Texas County prosecutor’s office and the associate clerk’s office.

An investigating Texas County Sheriff’s Department deputy reported that when contact was made with the man at his Mount Olive Road residence at about 9 a.m., he pulled a large stack of money from his pocket and told responding officers they could have it if they didn’t take him to jail. The man was arrested and placed in a patrol car, where he reportedly tried to kick out its rear window.

When officers removed him from the car to better restrain him, he reportedly assaulted an officer by kicking him and trying to bite and head butt him.

The man was finally taken to the Texas County Jail, and a report was sent to the county prosecutor seeking charges of multiple counts of harassment, resisting arrest, assault on an officer and bribery of a public servant. 

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