Several persons were found living in a home in southeast Texas County. The property owner said they should not reside there, deputies said.

The following reports were generated last week by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department.

•A representative of Raymondville School called Feb. 14 to a request that a deputy check on a female student who lives with her grandmother and grandfather on Meadowbrook Drive because she hadn’t been at school for several days. An officer went to the home and found nobody there.

•A 51-year-old Willow Springs man called on Feb. 15 to report that a barn and shop building on his Highway 137 property had been burglarized and numerous tools with a total value of $2,376.56 were stolen.

•A Plato man was issued five citations after an incident Feb. 10 at a Bell Road residence at Plato.

According to a deputy’s report, a woman called at about 10:25 p.m. and stated that a vehicle had just struck her house and was stuck in the snow in her driveway. The woman said the man was her former husband.

After an investigation, Anthony S. Taylor, 38, of 37300 Highway AW in Plato, was arrested and issued citations for driving while intoxicated, third-degree assault, second-degree property damage, driving with a suspended license and failure to register a motor vehicle. Taylor reportedly didn’t have a gun on him at the time of his arrest.

He was taken to the Texas County Jail.

•Charles M. Edwards Jr., 44, of 8198 Morton Road, No. 3, in Houston, was issued a citation for resisting arrest at about 5 p.m.  Feb. 7.

Edwards was cited after a deputy went to his home to arrest him on multiple warrants and he refused to open the door. The deputy called for back up and after several other officers arrived, they entered the residence and apprehended Edwards, who was taken to the Texas County Jail.

•A deputy responded Feb. 11 to a request by the Houston Police Department to check a Fisher Drive location for a stolen vehicle. The deputy didn’t find it there.

•A 58-year-old Success woman called at about 11:55 p.m. Feb. 12 requesting to speak to a Missouri Department of Conservation agent due to poaching activity at her Highway 32 residence.

An officer was unable to contact an MDC agent, but went to the woman’s property to investigate. The woman told the officer she and friends feed deer behind her house and 22 had been there that evening when she heard four gunshots.

The officer looked for tracks in the snow in the area, but found only deer tracks.

•A 25-year-old Licking man called at about 4:40 p.m. Feb. 13 to report he had assaulted his 51-year-old father at the Texas Tower Road residence where they both live.

The man told an investigating officer he had pushed his father around inside their trailer and probably needed to go to jail. The officer made contact with the father, who said his son was drunk and had gotten mad and pushed him down.

The father stated he didn’t wish to pursue charges, and the son was taken to the Texas County Jail for a 12-hour hold period.

•Ebony M. Jones, 18, of 14429 Highway AW, Apt. C, at Plato, was issued a citation for third-degree assault after allegedly hitting her 23-year-old boyfriend during a dispute at their residence on Feb. 13.

•A 40-year-old Houston woman called on Feb. 14 to complain about her neighbor’s dogs attacking her children at her Sylvia Lane residence.

The woman told an investigating officer that the two dogs freely run the neighborhood and have attacked her kids on numerous occasions while they played in the yard. She asked the officer what her rights were in defending her children and property and the officer told her.

The officer made contact with the 28-year-old man who owns the dogs and he stated they would never harm anyone. He received a verbal warning and was advised that he would be cited if a similar complaint was received again.

Texas County Jail admissions

Feb. 10

William S. Smith – Two-day shock

Feb. 11

Chad A. Kirk – Boone County hold

Ryan M. Bench – no insurance

Jeremy R. Werner – St. Charles County hold

James D. Wakenight – probation violation

Feb. 12

Terry L. Buecker – non-support

Feb. 14

Eddie Atchinson – 48-hour commitment

Vicki J. Bushnell – 48-hour shock

Brian L. Sinyard – 30-day contempt

Preston E. Rutz – driving while revoked

Jason A. Losh – 48-hour shock

Xavie M. McCracken – Greene County hold

Justin M. Wilcox – 24-hour shock

Zachary D. Sims – Six-month sentence

Jeff Holford Jr. – burglary

Whitney V. Williams – 48-hour commitment

Ivan A. Gale – non-support

Jeremy Mullins – Wright County hold

Feb. 15

Jamie E. Lane – assault

Jerry Lawson – 48-hour commitment

Justin L. McGowan – possession of controlled substance

Robin Keppel – Pulaski County hold

Barrie A. Whitlock – drug charge

Feb. 16

Charles M. Edwards Jr. – resisting arrest

Feb. 17

Troy C. Conley – Mountain Grove PD hold

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