Houston police officers handled several investigations during the last week. 

The following reports were generated last week by the Houston Police Department.

•Theresa Villareal, 46, of 8164 Morton Road, Lot 20, in Houston, was arrested Feb. 19 for having an active Texas County warrant for passing a bad check. An officer who was aware of the warrant made the arrest after observing Villareal sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle at a U.S. 63 gas station.

She was taken to the Texas County Jail, where she posted $5,000 bond and was released.

•Dakota J. Bland, 23, of 502 W. Highway 17 in Houston, was issued a citation for third-degree assault after allegedly hitting a 44-year-old man several times in the face and ribs during a 7:20 p.m. Feb. 19  incident at the Piney Inn Apartments on Grand Avenue.

•On Jan. 30 at about 1:30 p.m., an officer was dispatched to Romines Motor Co. on South Sam Houston Blvd. regarding a man who was intoxicated and operating a vehicle.

A worker at Romines told the officer a man had been involved in a wreck and arrived at the body shop. After an investigation, a 33-year-old Houston man was arrested and taken to the Texas County Jail. He is alleged to have taken his girlfriend’s car without permission and wrecked it while intoxicated. He reportedly had a record of multiple felony DWI convictions and a revoked driver’s license. His probation officer indicated he would be charged with probation violation.

A report was sent to the county prosecutor seeking new charges against the man.

•Two Kansas City women are suspected of cashing counterfeit checks Feb. 3 at the Houston Walmart Supercenter.

An investigating officer reported that one of the women cashed a check in the amount of $1,698.05 and the other cashed one in the amount of $1,588.25. Both checks were from a firm called Tax Matters, LLC (out of St. Joseph) and the bank listed was Midwest Bank (also of St. Joseph). The officer stated he was unable to locate Tax Matters, and the checks were determined to be fraudulent after reportedly not clearing.

The women, ages 28 and 19, have been identified and a probable cause statement has been sent to the county prosecutor.

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