Rep. Robert Ross

Rep. Robert Ross has been selected to lead a newly formed committee that will investigate what he says is the continued regulatory overreach of both the state and federal governments.

House Speaker Tim Jones announced the formation of the Bipartisan Investigatory Committee on Regulatory Overreach during a press conference last week discussing the overreach of the federal government into the management of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways.

Jones charged the committee with finding ways to reduce the regulatory burden on Missouri families, farmers and business owners. In naming Ross to serve as chairman of the committee, Jones said the representative is someone who champions the cause of smaller, more efficient government and understands the benefits of a regulatory system that is effective without being overly burdensome.

“Robert has made this issue one of his top priorities since first taking office, and I can think of no member better suited to closely examine the way government impacts, and potentially interferes with, our lives,” said Jones, R-Eureka. “As I have spoken with families and business owners in all parts of our great state they have sent a very clear and loud message that they want government to provide a level playing field and remove barriers to prosperity. I know Rep. Ross will lead his committee to find the areas where we can better protect all Missourians from unwanted and unnecessary government intrusions into their day-to-day lives.”

Jones said the committee is based in part on an idea proposed by Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who created the Office of Fiscal Accountability and Regulatory Reform. After only three months in operation, OFARR reviewed more than 11,000 state regulations and targeted more than 1,000 for repeal. Jones envisions Ross and the members of his committee having a similar level of success in identifying numerous regulations for repeal in Missouri.

“This is an issue that means a great deal to me and to the people of my district who sent me to Jefferson City with the goal of reducing the bureaucratic red tape that too often impedes the progress of industrious Missourians,” said Ross, R-Yukon. “I am confident we can work together in this committee to find common sense solutions that will minimize government interference in our lives and remove the barriers that may otherwise stifle growth and opportunity.”

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