A project of the American Revolutionary War Veterans is coming to Houston on April 5-6.

People seeking to learn more about marksmanship and American rifle heritage will have the chance to do both at two events coming up at Big Piney Sportsman’s Club, east of Houston on Highway B.

Project Appleseed, sponsored by the American Revolutionary War Veterans Association, will hold a two-day “Appleseed” event at Big Piney on April 5 and 6. Individuals may opt to attend only one day of the weekend event if needed.

Project Appleseed comes from Johnny Appleseed, the American folk hero who toured the country, planting apple seeds so that future generations would benefit. The organization’s website states that it is “designed to ensure the next generations will the benefit of the same liberties as the generations before them.”

Many American citizens don’t know much about the battles at Concord and Lexington, or what happened on April 19, 1775 – the day of Paul Revere’s well-known ride. On April 19, 1775, British “regulars” marched on Concord and Lexington to take away the gunpowder and “ball” from the colonists. In those days, everyone knew how to shoot a rifle — for self-defense and so they could eat.

As the result of Revere’s night ride approximately 14,000 colonists mustered with arms within 24 hours to fight the British invasion. Those fighting were from all walks of life – from farmers to doctors and everything in between, to 16-year-old boys and old men nearing 70.

Project Appleseed wants to preserve that heritage by teaching simple marksmanship to everyone from all walks of life through this non-political program.

To register for the event, log onto appleseedinfo.org and click on the tab that says “Appleseed.” Click on “Missouri,” then on the dates to attend. 

For more about the Big Piney Sportsman’s Club, log onto http://bigpineysportsmansclub.com/.

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