The Houston High School Concert Choir received a top “I” ranking last Thursday at the state Large Ensemble Festival at West Plains, and a record 34 singers advanced to the state Small Ensemble/Solo festival set for May 1-3 in Columbia.  

Houston students earned 89 individual medals, including 52 “I” rating medals and 37 “II” medals. Students receiving “I” medals advance to the state competition.

HHS singers receiving a “I” rating medal for vocal solos were: Maya Brown, Elisa Williamson, Liz Harris, Nikki Coleman, Taylor Bryson and Caleb Adkison.

Receiving a “I” rating medal in vocal ensemble events were: Maya Brown (two events), Elisa Williamson (two events), Kathy Powell (two events), Caroline Dunn (two events), Tayler Ward (two events), Trevor Motzkus (two events), Taylor Bryson (two events),  Caleb Adkison (two events), Mariah Clifton (two events), Madi Dixon (two events), Destinee Ullom (two events),  Liz Harris, Jaycee Huff, Megan Morland (two events), Courtney Mutzebaugh (two events), Nikki Pinkston, Zach Gregory, Jefferson Thomas, Keegan Spurlin, Stuart Lybyer, Kaylea Preheim, Rae Kirkwood, Hailey Dodson, Dakota Hugenot, Jennifer Thomas, Krista Scott, Elizabeth Scott, Aalyah Arbogast, Cortney Coyne, Marley Stoops, Demi Creek, Kaitlyn Seigle and Lexi Morgan.

Receiving a “II” rating medal for vocal solos were: Lexi Morgan, Dakota Hugenot, Nikki Pinkston, Marley Stoops, Caroline Dunn, Robert Kinney, Laura Monks, Megan Morland, Tayler Ward, Stuart Lybyer, Kathy Powell, Demi Creek and Courtney Mutzebaugh.

Receiving a “II” rating medal for piano solo: Elisa Williamson.

Receiving a “II” rating medal for vocal ensemble events: Kaylea Preheim, Hailey Dodson, Natasha Smith, Jennifer Thomas, Laura Monks (2 events), Dakota Hugenot, Liz Harris, Nikki Coleman (2 events), Elizabeth Scott, Marley Stoops, Celina Castleman, Demi Creek, Lexi Morgan, Lily Martindale, Rae Kirkwood, Krista Scott, Alexis Fuwell, Carly Crawford, Kaitlyn Root, Sydney Anderson and Summer Floyd.

The HHS choir is directed by Beth Williamson.

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