The deadline to purchase insurance for such crops as hay is nearing, an agency says.

The final date to purchase a 2014 Non-Insured Assistance Program (NAP) policy for hay-pasture and other crops is March 17. 

The fee for the NAP insurance is $250 per crop, per person, per county, regardless of acres farmed, with a maximum of $750 per county.  Limited resource producers can receive the policy free, and is based on their adjusted gross income and total farm product sales. 

Additional information about the limited resource provisions can be obtained from Farm Service Agency.  NAP covers losses that exceed 50 percent of the normal or approved yield for the specific crop. 

Call 417-967-2028 or visit the local FSA office on South U.S. 63 in Houston to learn more about the benefits of the NAP insurance policy.

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