Missouri's "Blue Book" is reporting to a printed edition.

Secretary of State Jason Kander announced last week a new partnership between his office and the Missouri Press Association to print the 2013–2014 Official Manual, State of Missouri, commonly known as the “Blue Book.” Since 2011, the “Blue Book” has been available solely online.

“The ‘Blue Book’ provides Missourians with invaluable information about our local, state and federal governments,” Kander said. “I’m pleased to join with the Missouri Press Association to ensure this important guide to Missouri is available in print once more.”

The Missouri Press Association will handle the production and distribution of the new printed edition, which has been available online since last December at www.mobluebook.com.

The “Blue Book,” which is published by the secretary of state every two years, is the definitive source of information about Missouri state government. It includes an overview of state government services and contact information for government officials and departments.

“We look forward to putting this comprehensive resource back into print,” said Doug Crews, executive director of the Missouri Press Association. “Interacting with elected officials and government agencies is vastly easier with a ‘Blue Book’ at your fingertips.”

The “Blue Book” also plays an important role documenting the state’s history. Its return to print will make important historical information more accessible for future generations.

“One hundred years from now, a ‘Blue Book’ on the shelf will still be easily retrievable and readable,” Crews said.

For more information about the upcoming print version of the “Blue Book,” contact the Missouri Press Association by calling 573-449-4167.

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