A new website details two projects under way in Houston's downtown business district.

Donors wanting to assist with the renovation of the Melba Theatre in Houston or expansion of the Houston Farmers Market have a way to learn more at a new website.

Downtown Houston Inc. recently received approval under the Neighborhood Assistance Program that allow eligible donors to receive both state tax credits and a deduction on federal tax returns.  For many, the donation allows tax dollars to stay at home for little or no cost while taking care of their tax obligation.

The website — www.melbaperformingartscenter.com — gives detailed information about both projects and includes a contact form for seeking additional data.  A brochure also is in production.

The Melba Theatre once was a downtown beacon of activity after its construction in 1938. Plans call for the restoration of the building to house numerous community activities and programs. The organization also received tax credits to create the Houston Farmers Market annex. A $30,000 grant announced by USDA Rural Development last week will allow for purchase of refrigeration equipment and awnings for a downtown copper canopy.  A board has formed to oversee the market, which hopes to expand and provide new means of income for Texas County residents. Its manager is Steve Wilson. Board members met last week.

Donors also can view past projects at the website undertaken by the group, including the creation of Lone Star Plaza and the Houston Visitors Center. (Both past tax credit projects).

For more information about donating contact Elaine Campbell, development director; Houston Mayor Don Tottingham or Secretary-Treasurer Vera Gladden, who will serve as project managers for the tax credit portion of the project.

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