Students in the Warrant Officer Advanced Maintenance Course at Fort Leonard Wood performed service work and did other repairs March 1 on Roby Fire Department equipment. 

The Roby Fire Department had a “Maintenance Day” Saturday, March 1, for the department.

The Warrant Officer Advanced Maintenance Course students from Fort Leonard Wood came to the department to perform maintenance on vehicles as a community service project. The students started at 9 a.m. and worked all day changing engine oil and filters, as well as air, transmission and fuel filters on as many of the fire department’s vehicles.

In addition to the regular servicing, they were also able to make some much-needed repairs and adjustments to vehicles, as well as installed some new equipment. “They were even able to test our generator so we were prepared to use it at the station for a public warm-up shelter if the power had gone out during the last ice/snow storm,” Said Keith Follin, Roby fire chief. “This was a monumental step for the department in re-establishing our maintenance records and getting vehicles back on the road answering calls and ensuring the safety of our equipment and volunteers. Because some of our vehicles are retired military vehicles they were able to quickly diagnose and repair those vehicles.” 

Fire Inspector Felton Shoemaker from the State Fire Marshal’s office also attended. “He stated that he was impressed with what was going on and fully understood how important this day was for our department,” Follin said.

The department also thanked several supports: FRAM Filters (donation of 12 filters), Go-Light (parts for installation of a Go-Light), O’Reilly Auto Parts, Houston; the students from the Warrant Officer Maintenance Course and the volunteer firefighters from the Roby Fire Department.

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