Deputies with the Texas County Sheriff’s Department handled several investigations related to drugs and thefts in the last week.

They are:

•A deputy investigated a report on March 24 that a 39-year-old Licking man was in possession of a controlled substance at his Washington Lane residence.

During the officer’s investigation, the man was found to be in possession of baggie containing methamphetamine and five syringes were found in a pocket of a sweater he was wearing, according to a report. The man was also arrested on an active warrant of unreported nature. He was taken to the Texas County Jail and a probable cause statement seeking drug charges was sent to the county prosecutor.

•At 11:20 p.m. April 5, a deputy investigated a report of a peace disturbance at a Splitlimb Road residence at Raymondville.

A man living there told the officer his wife had been drunk and unruly. The officer determined the woman was asleep and advised the man to call the sheriff’s department again if he had any more trouble.

•An officer on April 27 investigated a report of a burglary at a Highway 137 residence at Licking.

A man living there told the officer a pair of Dewalt power tools valued at $400 had been swiped. There are no suspects.

•A supervisor at the Texas County Jail reported April 15 that an assortment of pills had been found in a 25-year-old female inmate’s property.

The supervisor told an investigating officer it was unclear whether the woman had brought the pills or they had been dropped off. Investigation of the matter continues.

•On April 15, a deputy assisted the Houston Police Department in locating a male suspect who had fled on foot.

The deputy found the suspect hiding in tall grass near Walnut Street and Grand Avenue. He was apprehended and taken to jail.

•A Houston man called at about 8 p.m. April 15 to report that another man was coming to his residence at a Northview Lane trailer park to beat him with a two-by-four.

An investigating officer located the potential assailant walking along Oak Hill Drive, and the man confirmed he was on his way to beat the other man. He was placed on a protective hold at the Texas County Jail.

•A representative of the Missouri State Highway Patrol called April 22 to report that a 61-year-old Licking man had failed to register as a sex offender.

An officer made contact with the man, who said he would come to the TCSD office on April 3 to complete the necessary paperwork. He failed to show up, and then called on April 7 to indicate he would be in the following day. He didn’t show up again, so the officer sent a probable cause statement to the county prosecutor seeking a felony failing-to-register charge against the man.

•A 54-year-old Houston man called on April 20 to report that his Mineral Drive residence had been broken into and numerous items stolen.

The man told an investigating officer that swiped goods (with a total value of $2,010) included a canoe, a small refrigerator, power tools, fishing gear and more. There are no suspects.

•At 8:25 p.m. April 21, a deputy was dispatched to a Pea Ridge Road residence at Cabool regarding a request by an ambulance crew to assist with an out-of-control boy.

The officer made contact with the woman who is the boy’s caregiver and she said he had been yelling and making threats about harming himself. He was taken by ambulance to Ozark Medical Center and the caregiver went with him.

•On April 22, a deputy investigated a report that two game cameras valued at $260 had been swiped from a Cameron Road residence at Licking. There are no suspects.

•A 33-year-old Willow Springs man reported on April 23 that scrap metal valued at $200 had been stolen from his Highway Y property. There are no suspects.

•A deputy responded at about 1:30 p.m. April 23 to a report of an assault at a Boiling Springs resort near Licking. Upon arrival, nobody was at the reported location, and nobody in the area reported witnessing an assault.

•On April 23, a 45-year-old Licking woman reported the gas line had been cut on her Mercury Sable while it was parked at her Hartville Road residence.

•The FBI contacted the TCSD by mail on April 23 to request the arrest of Kevin W. Glenn, of 1037 S. Highway 137, at Willow Springs. The FBI indicated in a letter that Glenn was a fugitive felon with an active warrant for a dangerous drugs offense, and was also illegally receiving Social Security payments.

An officer arrested Glenn and took him to the Texas County Jail.


Texas County Jail admissions

April 21

Heather Y. Lane – driving while revoked or driving suspended

Leslie D. Means – burglary

David S. Harris – Wright Co. hold

April 22

Alana M. Anderson – theft, stealing

Laura L. Doolittle – possession of marijuana

Ronald J. Watkins – resisting arrest

Robert A. Mason – statutory sodomy

April 23

Kevin W. Glenn – FBI warrant

Steven A. Barton – 10-day commitment

April 25

David L. Lange – 48-hour commitment

Anthony White – driving while revoked

April 26

Timothy E. Sullins – driving while revoked

Patricia A. White – theft, stealing

Donald Trogdon – drug charges

April 27

Tina M. Messex – fraudulent use of a credit device

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