New regulations are in place for swine for Texas County Fair weigh-in day - they will be banned.

Sunday, April 27, is weigh-in day for Texas County Fair livestock showing participants, but hogs will not be allowed on the fairgrounds.

Spring weigh-ins for 4-H pig projects are being waived throughout much of Missouri, including Texas County, to slow the spread of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV).

Texas County Fair Board President Darren Ice said sheep and goats will be handled as usual, but as a precautionary measure, no hogs will be allowed to enter the fairgrounds.

Exhibitors will, however, still be required to register their animals. For purchased hogs, registration requirements will include a bill of sale (including the signature of the seller and a date of birth), two photos of the animal (a frontal view and a side view) and an ear notch number or tag number. For farm-raised hogs, requirements include date of birth, two photos (front and side views), a photo of the sow with the hog as a piglet and a feed receipt.

“I hope nobody makes a mistake and brings a hog,” Ice said.

Symptoms of PEDV include projectile diarrhea, vomiting, difficult breathing and lethargy. Tests are available to diagnose the disease, but there is no cure at this time.

“I hope there’s somebody at a chemistry outfit somewhere working on a vaccine for next year,” Ice said.

For more information about Texas County Fair swine procedures, call Ice at 417-260-0471 or fair board members Tony Bieller at 417-763-5568 or Russell Gaither at 417-217-0894.

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