Texas County Prosecutor Mike Anderson

(Editor’s note: This is a third in a series of profiles about candidates who will appear on the Aug. 5 ballot. Candidates submit the information. John Beger, a candidate for circuit judge, and Parke Stevens, a candidate for prosecuting attorney, appeared earlier.)

Mike Anderson, Texas County prosecuting attorney, is running for re-election in the Aug. 5 primary.

Anderson began serving the people of Texas County in 2003.  During this time the number of cases filed and convictions has increased significantly.  According to Missouri’s  Office of Supreme Courts Administrator, Anderson has successfully prosecuted more than 60,000 criminal cases, felonies, misdemeanors and traffic.

In addition to his regular duties as prosecuting attorney, Anderson was a founding member of the Texas County Drug Court program, and has been involved in establishing the DUI and Veterans Courts. He has been active in the award winning Constitution Project, and prosecutes all criminal offenses that are committed at South Central Correctional Center in Licking.

Since Anderson became Texas County prosecuting attorney in 2003, the office has collected nearly $3 million in child support. “This is money owed either to innocent children, or to the taxpayers and it is important that these cases be vigorously pursued.” The office has also collected more than $2 million in bad check restitution for local businesses and restitution for victims of crimes in Texas County.

Anderson has successfully prosecuted more than 2,150 felony charges including drug- related crimes, driving while intoxicated, felony assaults, financial crimes, offenses against children and the elderly and homicides.  In 2013, zero cases were dismissed by the courts, meaning that Texas County has one of the highest conviction rates in the state.  He has successfully prosecuted more than 34,000 traffic offenses, and handles more than 2,000 misdemeanor cases per year.

“We have concentrated on making the offenders pay for the costs of criminal justice when possible, to that end we have established the Texas County Law Enforcement Restitution Fund which collects fees from offenders to reimburse taxpayers for the costs of law enforcement and prosecution.”

Mike Anderson has extensive experience with the criminal justice system. “I feel Texas County deserves a prosecuting attorney with proven trial experience.  As a prosecutor for nearly 12 years, I’ve spent my career fighting to keep our families and communities safe.  From the drug abuse epidemic to those that prey on helpless children and the elderly, we face significant challenges. It will take a front-line prosecutor to continue to meet those challenges.  I’ve handled hundreds of cases ranging from first time drunk driving to child abuse and murders.   The people of Texas County deserve a justice system that is fair, tough and smart on crime.  I feel I bring to the table the experience of a front-line prosecutor with a deep commitment to the people of Texas County to enforce the law, uphold the Constitution and protect our shared values.  That is who I am and will continue to be, if re-elected as your prosecuting attorney.  A good prosecutor is sworn to convict in accordance with justice.  The prosecutor’s job is to work hard to see that justice is served thereby making the public safer.  I believe my conviction record speaks for itself.”  

The lessons of history, the imperatives of justice and the power of the law motivated me to become an attorney.  The promise of my grandchildren’s future is what motivated me to public service.

Mike Anderson is a graduate of Drury College and received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Missouri School of Law in Columbia.  He and his wife Dianne have been happily married for 43 years.  Their son and daughter-in-law are private attorneys who practice in the 25th Judicial Circuit and surrounding areas.  He has two grandchildren currently enrolled in the Houston School District.

Anderson is a long time member of the Houston Lions Club, the NRA, the American Bar Association, the Missouri Bar Association and the Missouri Association of Prosecuting Attorney’s, a registered Republican since 1970 and served in the U.S. Air Force, honorably discharged in 1976, and a born-again Christian since 1977.

With utmost respect, I ask for your vote on Aug. 5, and when elected, your support in the years to come. 

-Mike Anderson

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