Rex Sinquefield

The Raymondville R-VII board of education recently passed a resolution to officially oppose Amendment 3 on the November ballot, which it says would take away local control of schools.

Board President Paul Murray had this to say about the board’s resolution to oppose the amendment:

“Amendment 3 will take away local control of our schools, and we are fundamentally opposed to that.  The fact is Amendment 3 would implement unfunded, state-mandated standardized tests that could cost upwards of $1 billion, which school districts and taxpayers would be forced to pay,” said Paul Murray, board president.  “Additionally, Amendment 3 would prevent school boards from hiring, promoting, compensating or dismissing teachers in accordance with board policy. We believe that this amendment will have many unintended consequences for our school district.  We know our schools and our students best, and it’s important that our community maintain control of the schools in our district.”

The measure has the support of Republican Party benefactor Rex Sinquefield, who has pumped in millions to support his causes. However, the group supporting it said recently it wouldn’t push the measure even though it will still remain on the ballot. Sinquefield has funneled at least $1.6 million into Teach Great’s political action committee.

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