Interest in an assisted living facility in Houston is being gauged.

A firm’s interest in locating an assisted living facility in Houston is meeting with response, a city official said last week. The call also went out to others who might benefit.

Last month, the City of Houston launched an effort to reach those who might become a resident or know someone who has already been forced to move to one outside the area.

No facility exists in Houston, and the city has included the idea in its long-range planning.

City Administrator Larry Sutton said nearly 30 have been added to the list, and there is still time for others to notify of their interest. Economic Development Director Ron Reed can be reached at 417-260-0033 or Mayor Don Tottingham at 417-260-0548. The information will be used by the prospective company to gauge interest as it studies Houston for a site.

Reed earlier said the facility would provide medical care and allows residents to receive a level of care between independence, such as a senior housing complex, and the need for nursing home care.

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