Texas County entities will share in about 00,000 in funds for roads and bridges, MoDOT says.

Texas County will receive about $900,000 in fiscal year 2015 to distribute to the county’s 17 townships for road and bridge purposes, the Missouri Department of Transportation says.

Statewide, the agency says the state’s gas tax is projected to bring in $39 million for each penny assessed. With the total gas tax set at 17 cents, that means $663 million will be divided among the state, counties and cities for road and bridge maintenance and repair.

The breakdown in Texas County is: $681,120 from gas tax revenues, $125,840 from motor vehicle sales/use tax revenues and $94,160 from motor vehicle fees.

For 2015, the county share in the state of the gas tax is projected to be about $77.4 million. MoDOT also projects the county intake from the ’15 motor vehicle sales/use tax will be about $14.3 million. Finally, it projects vehicle fees will net $10.7 million in the state.

Texas County distributes the taxes based on the number of miles within the county’s townships.

The funds are known as County Aid Road Trust funds (CART).

CART funds are apportioned to counties on the basis of two factors: One-half of the funds are credited to the county based on the ratio that its road mileage bears to the total county road mileage in the unincorporated areas of the state, and one-half is credited to the county based on the ratio that its rural land valuation bears to the rural land valuation of the entire state.

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